Load the InstEval data set (Bates, Maechler, Bolker, Walker, & others, 2014). It contains 73,421 university lecture evaluations by students at ETH Zurich with a total of 2,972 students, 2,160 professors and lecturers, and several student, lecture, and lecturer attributes.

The data contains the following columns:

Feature Description
s student
d instructor
studage student age by number of enrolled semesters
lectage lecture age by # of previously rated semesters
service 0 if held for a different department than the lecturer’s
main one; else 1
dept department
y rating from 1 for poor to 5 for very good


  • path: str. Path to directory which either stores file or otherwise file will be downloaded and extracted there. Filename is insteval.csv.


Tuple of np.darray x_train with 73,421 rows and 7 columns and dictionary metadata of column headers (feature names).

Bates, D., Maechler, M., Bolker, B., Walker, S., & others. (2014). Lme4: Linear mixed-effects models using Eigen and S4. R Package Version, 1(7), 1–23.