Load the Crabs data set (Campbell & Mahon, 1974). It contains 200 rows and 8 columns, describing 5 morphological measurements on 50 crabs each of two colour forms and both sexes, of the species Leptograpsus variegatus collected at Fremantle, W. Australia.

The data contains the following columns:

Feature Description
sp species; 0 for blue, 1 for orange
sex 0 for male, 1 for female
index index 1:50 within each of the four groups
FL frontal lobe size (mm)
RW rear width (mm)
CL carapace length (mm)
CW carapace width (mm)
BD body depth (mm)


  • path: str. Path to directory which either stores file or otherwise file will be downloaded and extracted there. Filename is crabs.csv.


Tuple of np.darray x_train with 200 rows and 8 columns and dictionary metadata of column headers (feature names).

Campbell, N., & Mahon, R. (1974). A multivariate study of variation in two species of rock crab of the genus leptograpsus. Australian Journal of Zoology, 22(3), 417–425.