Load the Abalone data set (Nash, Sellers, Talbot, Cawthorn, & Ford, 1994). It contains 4,177 examples of abalones with nine measured attributes such as sex, length, diameter, and whole weight. The first column (sex) is encoded as 0 for M (male), 1 for F (female), 2 for I (infant).


  • path: str. Path to directory which either stores file or otherwise file will be downloaded and extracted there. Filename is housing.data.


Tuple of np.darray x_train with 4,177 rows and 9 columns and dictionary metadata of column headers (feature names).

Nash, W., Sellers, T., Talbot, S., Cawthorn, A., & Ford, W. (1994). The population biology of abalone (Haliotis species). Blacklip Abalone (H. Rubra) from the North Coast and Islands of Bass Strait. Sea Fisheries Division Technical Report, 48.