Basic Installation

Edward depends on

  • NumPy (>=1.7)
  • Six (>=1.1.0)
  • TensorFlow (>=1.1.0rc0)

Installing edward by default also installs numpy and six if they are not available (or are out-of-date in your system).

Installing edward does not automatically install TensorFlow (or update an existing TensorFlow version). We recommend installing it via

pip install tensorflow

To use Edward with GPUs, install tensorflow-gpu instead of tensorflow as

pip install tensorflow-gpu

See TensorFlow’s installation instructions for details, including how to set up NVIDIA software for TensorFlow with GPUs.

Full Installation

Edward has optional features that depend on external packages.

  • Neural networks are supported through three libraries: Keras (>=1.0)
    pip install keras

    TensorFlow Slim (native in TensorFlow), and PrettyTensor (>=0.7.4)

    pip install prettytensor